ATV/UTVs Top Picks for 2020: Upgrade to a New ATV/UTV

If you need an excuse to buy a new toy, there are several legitimate reasons for why you should upgrade your current ATV or UTV.

Reason 1: When it snows, you’ll need to plow the driveway. When there is a fallen tree, you’ll need something to pull the load of chopped wood. An obvious reason to purchase an upgraded model is because of its practicality.

Reason 2: If you need to get around in a rural area, an ATV or UTV provides an exciting way to transverse the hills of your neighborhood. ATVs and UTVs are reliable and exciting.

In case someone asks you why you had to buy that stylish, fierce machine, you have a few reasons to make their jaws drop. Pick out one of the beasts in the following review, and they won’t be able to pick their jaws back up.

Top Picks for ATVs & UTVs in 2020

In no particular order, some of the top picks for a new ATV or UTV in 2020 are as follows:

  • Ranger by Polaris
  • RZR by Polaris
  • YXZ by Yamaha
  • Wolverine by Yamaha
  • Pioneer by Honda
  • FourTrax by Honda

Polaris Ranger

There are five different types of the 2020 Ranger, each with a trunk area:

  • Youth
  • Crew
  • 2-Seat
  • 3-Seat
  • Special Editions

Other Features

This UTV is perfect for farmers and anyone who needs to use the vehicle for working around your property. It’s designed to pull a small trailer that has a big load.

What Makes This Vehicle So Great

These machines look stunning, and they’re made with industry-first technology to provide a good, long life.

Polaris RZR

There are six different editions of this machine:

  • Pro
  • Youth
  • Special Editions
  • Trail
  • Extreme Performance
  • 4-Seat

Other Features

This high-performance machine is built to be taken on trails, across desert dunes, and wherever your adventure takes you.

What Makes This Vehicle So Great

These machines are made to take you places you’ve never been by dominating the hills and other landscapes. They’ve won races, and you’ll be proud to be behind the wheel.

Yamaha YXZ

The triple-engine on this high-speed machine is mounted with a five-speed gearbox. Don’t forget about the revolutionary design of the agile chassis used in the 2020 YXZ.

Other Features

The comfort of the driver is important, so Yamaha was sure to include plenty of legroom. Expect to feel safe with bolsters by your shoulders. The adjustable steering wheel is another awesome bonus.

What Makes This Vehicle So Great

The YXZ has been known for its speed, but Yamaha has put a lot of thought into making their ride comfortable for those inside.

Yamaha Wolverine

The 2020 Wolverine has Mikuni fuel injection to assist in performance. All editions have 2WD and 4WD capabilities.

Other Features

Some of the editions have wheels that are painted to match, and the paint of the X4 XT-R is a special grade. In this edition, you also get a sturdy winch. The seat and steering wheel are adjustable in each edition of the Wolverine.

What Makes This Vehicle So Great

The special editions of the Wolverine that offer winch capabilities are enticing, and each edition of this ATV is built for comfort, including the adjustable components. Also, the technology used to reduce vibrations on the Wolverine is absolutely stunning.

Honda Pioneer

The shifting module has six gears for forward movements, and there are six gears for moving in reverse. Your shifting options are standard, manual, and automatic. The transmission operates in 2WD, 4WD, and Turf mode.

Other Features

The chassis of the Pioneer is high to give you clearance on trails, and it’s built to hold 2,000 pounds of weight. The three seats of this side-by-side offer a comfortable bench for travel.

What Makes This Vehicle So Great

This machine is built to take on trails because of its high chassis, and the spacious cabin area is thoughtfully designed to allow for up to three people. In addition, the driver has multiple options for shifting, and Turf mode is a more dynamic offering than other ATVs and UTVs.

Honda FourTrax

The 2020 FourTrax is a sleek ATV with a single-cylinder four-stroke engine. It has an automatic clutch (with five speeds and reverse). It comes in red, olive, and camo.

Other Features

The engine is better on this year’s edition of the FourTrax. It has a cushion for the driver’s comfort. Cargo racks are mounted on the front and rear of this ATV.

What Makes This Vehicle So Great

When you buy this ATV from Honda, you are getting a product that’s made to last. It’s a simple design that is rigorously tested. It’s easy to ride the FourTrax, but you’ll have trouble turning off this machine because you’ll have too much fun.

Get Ready to Peel Out on the Trails

Once you’ve located your favorite model from this list, you’re one step closer to hitting the trails. It’s time to start planning your next trip over the hills. Get ready to spin your wheels in a tough machine that will last a long time.


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