Best Deals on Car Floor Mats

The carpets that came with your car are probably attractive as well as nicely matched to the interior of your vehicle. However, they’re eventually going to wear out. Worse, they’re going to get wet at some point. If you don’t have proper mats–or don’t take care of them properly–this dampness may lead to mildew. That’s why getting heavy duty car floor mats that will protect your interior from moisture and dirt is a good investment.

Not sure where to start? Not a problem. We’ll review some of the best styles and brands of car mats out there (along with some easy ways to get discounts, too).


There are many good quality floor mats that can be trimmed to fit well in most any car. For ordinary protection against dirt, gravel, dust, and moisture, a set of SemiUniversal Trim-to-Fit Mats by WeatherTech will probably suit your vehicle and provide protection against what you and your family track in.

They cost around $49.95 to $54.95. Fortunately, you can save money thanks to their Extended Fourth of July sale (with a price-match guarantee).

However, if you love to take the dog to the park and run or walk in all weather, a custom set–also available through WeatherTech–is probably a good idea. If you have a hatchback, go ahead and invest in a tray for the back end that will give your dog a spot to drip dry. Cleaning up muddy footprints will be much easier with a rubber tray in the back of your hatchback or SUV. These customized mats will vary in price for each order; they come with free shipping for eligible orders.

If you sign up for promotional emails from, you will have access to coupons for WeatherTech products, meaning you can save even more money.


If you’re worried about tracking in snow, make sure you get mats with flexibility for cold weather tolerance. Over time, cold weather can make your floor mats get brittle and leak or split. If you’re in need of mats in snowy conditions but don’t like the look of black rubber, consider investing in the Kraco Deluxe Clear Vinyl Floor Mat Set (4-Piece) to keep your car clean, dry, and looking sharp. These mats not only offer a clear covering for your carpet, but they’re formed to capture moisture within the tray, rather than allowing it to run off. The Kraco mats can be trimmed to fit your car, both front foot wells and two rear wells.

Best of all, this amazing set is only $26.99! With coupons from Pep Boys through and, Kraco Mats can be a great deal.


If you get trimmable mats, make very sure that you trim the driver’s mat to fit under all the pedals. Should the mat move around and get under your brake pedal or your clutch pedal, you risk a wreck or a torn-up transmission. If you’re working around more than two pedals, consider the Intro-Tech Hexomat Floor Mat. This mat is slightly undersized, so getting it in place will be simple. It will also work with most any interior as you can get it in a variety of colors. Finally, this mat is designed to hold liquids until you can stop and clean up. If you’re walking through snow to get to your car or inclined to spill coffee on the floor, this mat can help with the cleanup.

These mats come with a lifetime warranty, making them well worth the standard price of $46.95 – $109.95. When you order from AutoAnything, you can enter your email address to receive a 20% off coupon for $99+ orders. Even better, this site is offering up to 40% off on select prices.


Rubber mats, whether in clear or color, are just not to everyone’s taste. To protect your carpet with carpet, check out the 3D MAXpider Classic Carpet Floor Mat. This mat has an anti-skid backing that locks it in place under your feet. There’s also a rigid debris catcher where your heels fall to make cleanup easier. You can buy just for the front seats, or get mats for the whole car in a variety of colors. These mats are plush and often even more comfortable than the mats that came with the car.

This brand isn’t cheap.Their Kagu liners, for example, run from $39.54 – $347.82. However, buying these liners from AutoEverything and using the promo code “spyder115” will score you a 15% off discount.

Husky Liners

For larger vehicles, particularly those that have to function well on job sites, Husky Liners offer great protection against dirt, gravel, mud and water. If you’ve been out in the muck and are trying to get settled behind the wheel, having your foot slip out from under you because the mat is slick is disconcerting. If the vehicle is running, it can be dangerous!To avoid these risks, Husky liners offer a pebbled surface to keep friction down. Additionally, these liners move water away from under your feet while you get settled in and ready to drive.

Prices vary depending on which product you choose. The Husky Liners® X-act Contour® starts at $69.95. If you sign up for the brand’s official email promotions, you’ll get a heads-up on the best deals. AutoEverything currently offers a sale on these products: the Husky Liners WeatherBeater Floor Liners ($52.66) and Husky Liners Heavy-Duty Floor Mats ($60.31).

Final Thoughts

Protecting the carpet in your vehicle means acting early. If the mats that came with your car are showing wear or just not holding up to the conditions you face on a daily basis, invest in aftermarket mats that suit your needs. Keep snow, rain and dirt away from your carpet to keep your vehicle dry and free of the odor of mildew. Cleanup of your car will be much simpler with a good quality set of floor mats!


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