Buying the Best ATV/UTV

Those in the market for an ATV/UTV should know that there are some things to look for before handing over their hard-earned money. Everyone should have a strong background knowledge of whichever particular vehicle they want to buy; this will only help when negotiating price points. Other things to watch for are signs of deception, if buying used.

Pay Special Attention to Details When Buying Used Vehicles

Being that the costs of ATV/UTVs are relatively high, many people decide to search for their dream ATV/UTV in used condition. People who do this need to be vigilant and prepared when it comes to negotiating and discussing the vehicle with the seller.

First, it is important to establish early how long the owner/seller has had the ATV/UTV and why they are selling it. As sad as it is, some folks will try to hide functional issues to earn more from the sale. The more information the seller can provide, the better. One tip is to ask if they have a past service list that can show proof of upkeep and usability.

Next, it is a good idea to check the engine oil. If the oil is dirty, that should be a concern. Those who find dirty oil should ask the seller about this, because bad oil will allow the metal parts of the engine to wear quickly. It is also important to check the oil filter, if there is one present. That’s not the only liquid that needs checking, however.

Potential buyers should be sure to check the coolant, if the ATV/UTV uses it (which it likely does). Dirty or low coolant is sign for concern because any lack of effective cooling could point to a damaged engine or corroded motor.

In addition to these checks, it’s also important to inspect the driveline. ATV/UTV axles get beat up and worn if they are abused in a stock suspension setting; even more so when there’s an added lift to a vehicle. If the stock axles have not been replaced with extreme angle axles and the vehicle is lifted, this is a cause for concern. The stress on the constant velocity joints in these situations is too high, and likely enough of a sign to avoid the purchase.

Other issues to look into include worn-out tires. Worn-out ones will need replacements sooner rather than later, and these replacements can be costly. If tires are worn out, it could be a good negotiating tool. In other words, one can argue for a lower price due to needing to replace poor-quality tires.

Potential buyers should definitely be sure to inspect the frame as well. Appearance does matter here. The chances of an ATV/UTV being reliable are higher if the vehicle truly appears to be in good, clean condition. That means it is less likely to have been overused or abused in any manner.

Other Considerations When Buying Any Kind of ATV/UTV

Beyond buying an ATV/UTV used, there are other things to keep in mind. One such matter is for what the ATV will be used. This matters most of all when buying an ATV/UTV. A sport ATV/UTV will be more functional for easier riding and speed, which stuntmen may love.

A utility ATV is ideal for a trek over rugged terrain and providing compartments for storage and tools on any ride. Utility ATVs are among the most popular, often used for agricultural work and hunting. Another kind of utility vehicle is a Side by Side, often referred to as SxS (UTV). These vehicles are a bit more like pumped-up golf carts. They can often carry multiple passengers and cargo, have extreme suspension, and have more powerful motors than ATVs. These are the UTVs often heavily modified for specific application by fire and rescue teams or military units.

Budget, of course, is perhaps the most important consideration. Many people like to finance the vehicle, rather than paying for it all at once. Important to doing this is to go into negotiations with a clear budget in mind. Not having a set price range can leave people vulnerable to getting talked into spending a lot of money than they might otherwise. Being knowledgeable about the subject matter, however, will make someone much less likely to try and fool the buyer.

Final Thoughts

Keeping all of these things in mind, finding a new or used ATV/UTV can be a great bit of fun. With so many available models and possible modifications, it is possible to truly find something that fits any individual’s needs perfectly. Doing homework about these vehicles is the best way to not fall victim to a preying salesperson. This process will involve comparing prices and features intently. After doing all of that, the process of buying an ATV/UTV should be easy as pie!


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