Choosing the Right Auto Insurance Company

Auto insurance is necessary for a vehicle owner. The majority of drivers want the cheapest premiums for their vehicles. However, sometimes cheap is not the only indicator of a good insurance policy. The fullness of services provided is also something to keep in mind.

Understanding what to look for

An insurance company may be good at covering one class of vehicles and not others. For instance, some insurance companies started by underwriting farm vehicles and now still generally offer a better service than a company whose specialty is personal cars. Researching different companies to compare insurance quotes is a solid way to find the best available deals for a specific vehicle in mind.

Check company reputation

There’s plenty of great services offered in both large and small companies. Large companies have the advantage of being able to pay millions or even billions of dollars in claims. They also offer discounts and extensive coverage throughout the country. However, there are small companies that leverage on great and personalized customer experience, but may only have regional or state coverage. They also might not be able to afford great rates.

Compare quotes

Each company will give interested individuals a quote, which tells you what can be covered, the cost, and payment structure. After receiving a quote, it is advisable to review available discounts and deductibles from the same company. Also, don’t be afraid to ask a representative questions about specific policies, such as reduced mileage, type of car, safety measures on the car, driver profile change, etc. Remember that the cheapest deal is not necessarily the best, as this can correspond to less coverage. That is not to say, however, that modest rates cannot correspond to extensive coverage. Potential customers should look out for deals that give them the best value for their money.

Top-rated insurers with great deals

There are some large, stable insurance companies noted for their great customer service and competitive rates. One way to research a company is through online reviews and social media accounts. This can give prospective customers assurances that there are customers out there who have had a great experience working with a specific insurer. After identifying a company with strong customer satisfaction and reasonable quotes, other considerations to keep in mind include ease of payments and availability of agents.

Periodically review your policy

Once choosing the right car and insurer, it is advisable to review your policy annually to see if anything has changed (e.g., rates change, company leadership changes, strategy changes, or business position changes). Customers also need to stay on top of updating profile information. For example, buying a home, adding a spouse or dependent, having an accident, moving, or filing claims should all require updates to a policy.

Some trusted brands


The Government Employees Insurance Company, better known by the acronym GEICO, was founded in 1936. It is currently the second-largest automobile insurance company in the United States, although the company also provides other types of insurance, such as for homeowners. The company claims to have a 97% satisfaction rate among customers and offers free quotes online. They have plenty of discounts available for specific types of vehicles, those over 55, military members, federal employees, students, and members.


Another auto insurance giant in the United States, this company was founded in 1937. They also provide other types of insurance besides auto, offering home, pet, and life insurance policies, to name a few. Bundling property and auto insurance can earn people up to 5% extra savings on auto, according to the official site. They also offer discounts for multiple vehicles, safe drivers, homeowners, signing online, paperless good students, and more.

State Farm

Founded in 1922, this is the largest automobile insurance group in the United States, although this company also offers a wide range of other types of insurance and services. Plenty of discounts are available for their customers, including safe driver, safe vehicle, and loyal customer discounts.


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